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    • They keep on adding new content and keywords. Well worth the money. I’ve already made back the price to access the database with some of the tools I've built.

      Steven M
    • Niche Web Tools is the most effective way to find a profitable niche in boring but most importantly, under-tapped niches. You just have to transpose it in your specific domain, et voilà !

      Franck J's testimonial for Niche Tools
      Franck J
      @Franck J
    • I've always been a big fan of simple tools to accomplish quick tasks. These can be a huge help to get through the day-to-day tasks that we commonly come across and the most simple tool can have big results. Freeing up additional time even for the most simplest of tasks is something I'm always trying to do and this resource has helped give me tools that I can use, but also has given me inspiration to build more of my tools. Definitely worth it and with the continued updates it will only increase the value you're able to get from it over time.

    • Very useful and practical! There’s not a lot of fluff or filler. I found some great ideas for tools in this a database

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      Ali Abidi
    • I know people who launch a free tool and get TONS of traffic. I know for a fact this really works!

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      Ilias Ism
    • I couldn't believe how many untapped web tools there still are. Search volumes of 20k+ and a DR score of 4. Just amazing!

    • Now that niche sites are dead, tools are the next big thing. Recommend

      Jack Batian


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  • You are buying a database of web tool keywords that you can use to either build standalone websites or add into your exisiting websites to boost organic traffic, social traffic or any form of traffic you need.
  • This is a digital product and the keywords have taken time to find. You will not be able to get a refund as it's a digital product.

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